17 July, 2014

Another process video

After a lot of fights trying to learn the stupid editing program and getting it to upload the video I finally succeeded. Victory! ;) I WILL learn this and then there will be more videos because I like making videos, I just hate feeling stupid trying to edit it. So, here is a card I made for DESIGN in PAPERS a while ago. I hope you like it. I did speed it up quite a bit since I’m very slow and I don’t think you would like a 30 min video with me moving in sloth speed. Next time I think I will zoom in a bit more and see if I can get better light too.


Thanks for stopping by, if you like the video please give me thumb up and I’ll know I should make more videos. :)

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Karin said...

Oh i like your videos! But somtimes i have a little problem to understand what you're doing. (Like when you use your sewingmachine) Mayby a little helptext at the bottom could clear that out.

Maya Isaksson said...

Thank you Karin! I will do some captions in the next video :) I think I did that last time I tried to make some videos but I forgot all about it now. Or I might do a voice over, if I dare ;) thank you for the input and for stopping by <3

Tesa said...

Jättebra! Ser fram emot nästa video;)
Kram Tesa

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