28 July, 2013

Magnet board

I  got lots of great Martha Stewart Craft Paints in my latest kit from Hobbyworld. I got some Magnet Effect and Crackle Effect too and wanted to try them out. I asked the other girls in the team for some ideas and got the suggestion to make a magnet board. I liked the idea and got me a frame and got started.


It ended up really colorful and cool, it looks perfect in my scraproom. On the Magnetic effect it tells you to use the effect on top of your surface and then put the paint on top of it but I wanted to be ale to write on my board with a whiteboard pen so I started with a couple of layers of Sea Lavender Satin Paint. Then I put the Magnetic effect on top of it. I used a couple of extra layers since the glass was between the magnet and the effect. I used a set of brushes that I also got in the kit, great brushes from Martha Stewart! 


 I painted the frame in the Metallic color Gold, then I added the Crackle Effect and on top I used the color Raspberry Ice. I loved the kitchy result! 


I also got some silkscreen stencils from Martha Stewart in my kit. I never tried silkscreen before so I added a golden flower in the corner of my board. I love the detailed result and it was really fun! I was really impressed with the versatile paint, I like that you don’t have to wonder what type of paint to use on a certain surface. Just paint on! 


  • Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint – Sea Lavender, Raspberry Ice

  • Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint – Gold

  • Martha Stewart Magnetic Paint Effect

  • Martha Stewart Weather Crackle Effect

  • Martha Stewart Adhesive Silkscreens – Botanical

  • Martha Stewart Paint Basic Brush Set 5pc


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