13 September, 2014

Guestblogging at CiLi in Papers


It feels like it was a really long time ago I applied for my very first design team. There was this little scrapbook store in the back of a nail salon in Gothenburg. I was so very happy when I got on the team at CiLi in Papers and I stayed on the team for something like a year and a half, I’m not really sure actually. Well, I had a lot of fun on the team and got some really great friends. Well today I’m a guest at CiLi in Papers again, how fun! Cicci gave me a lovely kit from Bella Blvd and told me to do something with it and blog it. The kit was soooo lovely. I made this week planner from stickers and a paper in the kit. i just sketched some of the weekly things on it to fill in later. It’s a checklist to look at before running out the door in the mornings, making sure the kids got their gym bags and stuff, also to see when they get home to make sure their homework gets done on the right days.


Then I made this. A scrappy calendar for all my DT-works, challenges and such. I hadn’t filled it in yet here since I didn’t want to let you guys see any secret stuff coming up ahead ;) I made twelwe months and just used the sheets of papers that had borders on them with names of the months and some stickers too. I used my bind it all to bind it toghether and punched a hole to be able to hang it on the wall. Then I cleaned up the spot on top of all my ink pads, right in front of the desk and hanged it there. And yup, that is after I cleaned it up. It’s clean. Really. I do need everything in arms length or I won’t use it.

So, that is my guest post at CiLi, I had a lot of fun with this kit and I also went and looked for inspiration and saw some great LOs made with this kit. Now I wish I had another, since I petty much used up all of mine. That is a new for me, using up a whole kit. Yey! I need to use more stuff to make room for some new stuff.

Have a great weekend now, thanks for stopping by!

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