26 November, 2012

Gift bag

This is actually my creation for last weeks Hobbyworld blog post. I forgot to put it on my own blog and this week there wasn’t any posts since I was visiting my parents. In case anyone is wondering, there probably will be less blog posts here for a while but I’m sure I’ll be posting away in my usual tempo again soon-ish. I’m just a bit overwhelmed right now so I’ve taken a break from SWE Scrapbook for a while to lessen the work load (well, it’s more of a fun-load but I still had to take a break). I’ll be posting my Hobbyworld posts as usual at sundays and everything I might create just for me will pop up whenever I have the time and energy to blog it. I hope you’ll stick around until I’m back on my feets again even though I’m not creating in the same tempo as I usually do.


Back to last weeks creation. I made a gift bag using Maja Design-papers and some of my lovely tools from Hobbyworld. I saw someone make a box on youtube and modified the box to make a bag instead. It turned out really cute and is fast to make for all your smaller gifts.


I made a template if you want to try it out yourselfe. I hope it makses sense, it’s not that complicated.2468-påse

Cut your cardstock to 8,5x7 inches. I punched the top edge before cutting my cardstock to get the right height on my bag.

Score the paper at 2, 4, 6 and 8 inches on the longer side and 2 inches from the bottom of the bag (that’s the edge you didn’t punch). I also scored some folding lines from the top but you don’t have to. You could just press the sides in and pinch it shut if you want to.

Cut away the grey rectangle and then cut from the bottom up to the scoring line following each of the scored lines.

Use some good strong adhesive when you put it all toghether so it won’t come up by accident. Adhere the thin strip on the right side against the other side of the paper. Fold up the flaps and adhere to eachother. Fold the front flap last to make a nice front edge. Embellish. Done!



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Karin Åkesdotter said...

Såååå snyggt!!! I LOVE!!!

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