08 September, 2014

Copic classes

Last weekend I went to Uddevalla to take two ECCP Copic certification classes. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time now. It’s a two hour drive from me so I started early, I left home about 6.45. On a sunday. Yaaaaawn! Well, I had a trusty big pot of coffee with me in the car and a nice playlist on Spotify and I kind of enjoy driving by myself. I must admit I do sing quite load to all the songs, even those I don’t know the words to.


I can’t take pictures and drive (safely) at the same time so this is the one picture of my trip. This is the bridge leading in to Uddevalla. It’s really cool. I love bridges, they are beautiful! And I know the picture is blurry, I was looking at the road ;)


A full day of coloring is so much fun! I learned a lot and was totally inspired! I actually did not use my markers much since the last two classes, I felt a bit rusty in the beginning but it got better during the day.


See, I have taken all the classes needed for the exam now, I just need to practice a LOT before it’s time.


Here are all of us, thanks to our teacher Christina for letting me use her photo. I did not take any pictures except for the ones above. As usual. I had a lot of fun with these ladies!


And when I got home I started practicing. I’ve been practicing a bit every day now. It’s really fun but I feel like I need a few more markers. Isn’t that always the case? I made a plan, thinking I could buy a few every month and then I calculated I would have all of the pens in.... 4 years... yey... I need to win the lottery or something ;) See the two flying dogs above? I colored them to look like our dogs, I got a laugh out of that. Wanted to make the kids laugh but I think I found it funnier than they did ;)

That’s it from me today. I have scheduled 12 (!) blogposts tonight. Tomorrow I’ll edit a video and schedule some for the other blogs I write on too. Busy as a bee I am. But now I’ll see the latest episode of Outlander before sleeping like a baby. Thansk for stopping by! :)

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