21 August, 2014

Congrats gorgeous


I kept playing with my Winnie & Walter stamps and I made these two cards. My friend Tesa was making distress squares (maby they are called something else in english?) and I got inspired to try. I got this idea in my head of a distress background with a piece of vellum on top. I must say it looked better in my head but I love the pretty colors. At this time I realised that my hubies birthday was coming up and I wanted to do a more masculine card for him.


I made this with greens and blues and black. I embossed it twice to make a shadow effect, I tried to catch that on the picture but it’s just to shiny. I used some titanium sprakle for the shadow and then silver on top and it looks really cool up close. This card was eaten by our dog like five minutes after hubbie got it... I guess Hugo wanted to sign the card too ;)


Here they are side by side. Love the big font, this set is so great! I have been eying it for a while and will probably use it until you all are fed up with it.

I’m going to schedule a bunch of posts now, I’ve been very lazy blogging lately. But now I’m going to see if I can blog everything I’ve made up til now since I’m getting a new computer and don’t know if we will be friends or not since I’m switching from PC to Mac. Better safe than sorry :)

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