09 May, 2014

Just something I do with my hands

I keep thinking of the movie Real Genius, the one with Val Kilmer from -85. There is this girl who never sleeps and one night she knits a sweater for the main character. It’s just something I do with my hands is her explanation for knitting a sweater in one night. Well, I make cards. Mostly I make them for my DTs because I love the structure of having deadlines and themes and very nice team mates who is very talented and as crazy as I am and keep inspiring me to make more cards. But sometimes I sit down to make one card for one of my DTs and then it magically appears some bonus cards. It’s just something I do with my hands... I also knit actually. And crochet. Among other things. So I guess I need to keep my hands busy. Anyways, here are a couple of cards that just happened and I like them.


This one is embossed vellum that I inked from the backside so make it colorful and pretty. Me like!



This one is inspired by Jennifer McGuire, but I happened to grab the wrong stamp set and had to start over again (I did not mind a bit, there is a lot to be inspired by on Jennifers page). I love this card.

That’s it from me today. I’ll be back tomorrow with some inspiration for WOW Embossingpowders, until then have a very nice friday!

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