10 January, 2014

Leftover letters


I always have a lot of leftover letters. Alphabets that are really nice but lack all the really useful letters. I think since the alphas are made by/for english-speaking people and there are some letters that are more common when writing in english than in swedish there is a lot of some letters left and not enough of others. I could start coming up with my own words for my LOs or I can use the letters in another way. It just happens that I am a font geek and I love the look of letters. I used up some making a birthday card, letting the letters become texture. This card looks nothing like it did in my head, I had a stamping incident... I might give this one another shot but it is still a kind of nice card.


Do you think the pictures look somewhat improved since my last posts? I’ve been struggeling to get good pictures in winter. There is really bad light (living in a really rainy town without any snow to reflect light doesn’t help) and even though I’m at home at days and can snap my pictures in daylight they still turn out like crap. Well, I got fed up and got myself a new lens and voila! Much better! And these pictures was taken last night, no natural light at all. To be perfectly honest I made this card just to be able to take pictures of it and see how they turned out ;)

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