18 April, 2013

Project life

Fist I wanted to tell you I’m thinking of moving my blog to typepad, I’m trying it out right now. If you see this in my blogger-blog please pop over to and give me some feedback on wich you like the most. If you see it in typepad you can visit my blogger-blog at . I think I will move since I really like the platform and all the tools and great layouts. But I wouldn’t want to lose any of my regular visitors, you make my day! Just looking in at the stats and seeing how many of you who pops by regularly from all over the world makes my heart happy! So please help me decide! I’ll be double posting for a while.


I wanted to give Project Life a try. I know I wont be making a spread every week, I don’t take enough pictures and don’t have the dicipline to make something each week (and I realised it was much more tie consuming than I anticipated) but maby once a month or for special days like Christmas. So I started out with my brothers great pictures from this Christmas and Simple Stories 24/7-collection kit.


I really like how my first spread turned out but as I said. It took a lot of time! I like to be able to scrap a lot of pictures at once. I was a bit supriced at how much supplies that I used for one spread, but I like to embellish ;)


I know I’ll love looking at this page in the future and I added some more journaling behind the cards. I like how it sort of captures all the parts of our christmas all at once and then you can see some more details if you look closer. So I’ll definetly do some more PL-inspired scrapbooking but it won’t be that often I think. I’ll put the pages in my regular albums. I just put them in the order I make them. I probably should sort them later but at the moment I only have two full albums (need to get a new one), I dont do that many LOs. How do you sort your LOs?

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