12 May, 2013

SMASH* 52 Week challenge, week 1


I’ve been liking the SMASH* concept more and more lately. If you are not familliar with SMASH* it’s really the classic book full of clippings that got revived in a new form. K & Company markeded the SMASH* concept a couple of years ago and made a video on how to do it, but what I love about SMASH* is that there are no right or wrong. You can use it any way you want. When I got my first SMASH* folio I used it to make layouts but in a smaller format. Now I love the idea to collect all the odds and ends that turns up in the handbag. Things like tickets and reciepts that really are junk but have a story to tell. To me it is another way to document a story. When my layouts are meant to look nice and be shown to people the SMASH* folio is a more playful and informal way to document my stories, mostly for my own eyes. I just started with a 52 weeks SMASH-challenge on facebook and each week we all get a theme to work with. I thought it would be a good way to document myself. This week the theme was this makes me happy. It’s also my DT post for Hobbyworld this week.


A while ago I ordered mini prints of all my Instagram photos. They were perfect for this spread, I just flipped through all of my pictures and picked the ones that was of every-day things that makes me happy. I thought it would say more of me as a person than the fact that my kids and my familly makes me happy. I also found a perfect spread in my Blue SMASH* folio with a list to put down a few words about each picture.



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